Revolution in Rai, Report hypotheses instead of Che tempo che fa. The return of Claudio Lippi, Pino Insegno and Myrta Merlino is ready

Change yes, but not overturn. Better to calm down. Even at the cost of betting everything on the great classics appreciated by the public. you see Carlos Conti, Mara Venier, Antonella Clerici and Federica Sciarelli. With a touch, here and there, of experimentation. In the new Rai of the “patriotic” era, work on defining the timetables continues at full speed. Time is running out, because the presentation of the next autumn season of the public service is already scheduled for July 7, in Naples. So, the imperative is yes to hurry, but also to do it well, so as not to give rise to the criticisms of those (the opposition at the top) who expect nothing more than a false step from the new direction in terms of to ratings and advertising.

Last week there was a first stop on the schedule roadmap, with seven years without calling a meeting of the drafting committee. All 90 pieces of public television were present: CEO Roberto Sergio and DG Giampaolo Rossi, plus genre directors such as Marcello Ciannamea, number one at PrimeTime, Angelo Mellone, head of DayTime, plus everyone else , including Paolo. Corsini, head of the Insights Information department and, therefore, of political gatherings.

The information of the “madessa”.

And precisely that of the information spaces remains one of the most intricate skeins to untangle. Because if time is short, there are still two not indifferent gaps to cover on Rai3 Sunday: the first afternoon of the late Fabio Fazio, who moved to Nove, and the first afternoon of Lucia Annunziata, who said goodbye in controversy with the government and the new management of public television. For the latter, the hypothesis of a replacement (in a new information container) is reinforced by Monica Maggioni, past Tg1 to guide the information offer. For the former, however, the Alessandro Cattelan hypothesis is still on track. But rumors of a Report shift, which would run from Monday to Sunday evening, are also growing. Hypothesis against which the conductor Sigfrido Ranucci has already thrown arrows: the idea of ​​the senior management of the Rai, he seems to understand, would be to understand if that clear “no” can be softened in some way. And then there’s also Massimo Gramellini’s slot to fill, transmigrated to La7. In short, the old Tele Kabul remains the most insidious grain for the new management.

Also because the project to transform the third channel into an integral space for in-depth analysis (even outside the traditional perimeter of the left) would already have raised many eyebrows in the corridors of viale Mazzini. But the intention is to move forward. Therefore, next to the confirmation of Marco Damilano, Monica Setta (who likes Salvini) and Laura Tecce (who also does not care for Meloni) should arrive, as well as Pietrangelo Buttafuoco (perhaps instead of Gramellini) .

In the meantime, in the coming days the task of surveying directors and journalists of DG Rossi and directors Ciannamea and Mellone will begin. First, they will aim to get lots of reconfirmations, assuring the “big names” in the civil service that their spaces are safe. And some are already talking about a Rai with a flavor of “safe used”, while Viale Mazzini prefers the adjective “reassuring” (and, needless to say, a guarantee of success in terms of to ratings and advertising revenue).

Confirmations and returns

Therefore, space for the “Tale e qual show” by Carlo Conti, “The voice” by Antonella Clerici, “Chi l’ha visto” by Federica Sciarelli, a true mark of continuity with the Rai that was. Contrary to the rumors that Tiberio Timperi was kidnapped in the afternoon, the team “Uno Mattina”, with Timperi and Monica Setta, seems to be confirmed. While Serena Bortone will not, she will move to Rai3, as the rumors wanted (although it now seems certain that the mother Rai will stay at home, not giving in to the flattery of the Nove). And his “Today is another day”, who will direct it?

Another confirmation is that of “Italian Histories” by Eleonora Daniele, and “Vita in Directe” by Alberto Matano. And if the Sunday space of “Linea Verde” was in the hands of Beppe Convertini and Peppone, “Linea verde life”, on Saturday, would be ready to pass to the new couple Elisa Isoardi and Monica Caradonna. Confirms but also returns, although always as a sign of continuity. Names like Claudio Lippi and Pino Insegno, who seems to be starting to replace Flavio Insinna at Legacy. And Myrta Merlino will also return to Rai, probably for an information space that is no longer daily: although it is not yet known which channel (Rai2 is being talked about insistently, but the “big hit” Rai1 is also standing).

Source : IL Messaggero

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