Presented the allegations of epidemic and involuntary manslaughter for the management of the pandemic covid paid by the Lombard governor Attilio Fontana and other suspects. This was decided by the Court of Ministers of Brescia which kept alive by sending the documents to the Prosecutor’s Office only an accusation of denial of official documents for not having applied the anti-influenza plan of 2006 against Silvio Brusaferro, Angelo Borrelli, Claudio D’Amario, as technicians, and the former councilor of Welfare Lombard and Luigi Cajazzo the former Giulio Gallera d’Antonio. For all the suspects, the main charges were dropped, after Conte and Speranza were also dismissed.

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In recent days, the prosecutor’s office in Brescia had asked to file charges against Fontana, ex-welfare minister Giulio Gallera and 11 other suspects for the management of the first wave of Covid in Valseriana. Among them also a series of CTS technicians, including Agostino Miozzo, Silvio Brusaferro and Claudio D’Amario and the former head of Civil Protection Angelo Borrelli, all accused of epidemic and involuntary manslaughter in the investigation of the famous prosecutor’s office in Bergamo. The positions of Fontana and the other 12 suspects had been transmitted by the prosecutor’s office in Bergamo for a procedural matter. Today, after the Court of Ministers of Brescia had dismissed in recent months the charges against the former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and the former Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, the judges of Brescia (Pipponzi-Scibetta-Stagno college) with a provision of 34 pages have ordered the dismissal “in relation to all the suspects due to the non-existence of the crimes related to four accusations of involuntary manslaughter”.

Accusations that had also been challenged against Fontana, who, defended by lawyers Jacopo Pensa and Federico Papa, had also decided to be questioned in recent weeks. For a single charge related to the non-application of the flu pandemic plan since 2006, also in the regional context, however, the judges ordered “the return of the documents to the Prosecutor’s Office because it will proceed in the ordinary ways”, since in this accusation “no concurrence of members of the Government has been hypothesized”, that is, Conte and Speranza. For the opposite reason, however, the rest of the charges also ended up before the Court of Ministers. This accusation of denial of official documents, then, is the only chapter that remains standing (in addition to the Alzano hospital but for other suspects) and that sees D’Amario, Brusaferro, Borrelli, Cajazzo and Gallera as suspects.

Source : IL Messaggero

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