“We had a very good discussion with Giorgia Meloni that allowed us to clarify many issues and define the issues on which we can act together.” This is what French President Emmanuel Macron said at the end of the European Council. “During the conversation we focused on the situation in Tunisia, which is very worrying due to the political tension and economic crisis it is experiencing. From Tunisia there is increasing migratory pressure towards Italy and the European Union. There is a will to act together, both to help Tunisia regain political stability and to stop migratory flows, through cooperation and dialogue with the Tunisian president,” added Macron.

French President and Prime Minister Meloni spoke last night in Brussels about the “opportunities for cooperation” between Italy and France in the field of migration, industry and space: this is what the Elysée has announced . Macron and Meloni, meeting on the sidelines of the EU summit, also spoke of the “need to continue working for European sovereignty” in the field of industrial policy and the decarbonisation of economies. The two leaders have reaffirmed “the determination to support Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression – the Elysee continues – and have celebrated the agreement reached to supply the Ukrainians with the ammunition and missiles they need thanks to the European”. France and Italy, the Elysee adds, “will supply a medium-range Mamba surface-to-air defense system to Ukraine to help the country deal with attacks by Russian drones, missiles and aircraft.”

Change of pace of migrants

In terms of migration there was “a marked change of pace at the last Council but now migration remains a priority of the EU’s objectives” with a “verification of the implementation of the results at the next European Council”. This shows that it was not a spot and a single initiative”, said Meloni. “We are working on the concretization of the results that seem good to me and demonstrate good faith when addressing this matter” for which it can be said that Italy is “satisfied”, he added.

Source : IL Messaggero

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