May 26, Lulic: “Coppa Italia, I could have chosen number 71 but…”. Klose: “We live for these joys”

On the day of the tenth anniversary of the victory of the Cup of Italy against him Romethe Lacius celebrates and does so with the words of the protagonists. First, the hero of that May 26, 2013, Senad Lulic, which in Fabio Argentini’s book “May 26, the whole history of the derby dei derbi” was expressed as follows: “I often return to Rome. And even after ten years it seems that time has not passed. When I go to a cafe, restaurant or playground with my children, I get stopped for a photo, an autograph or just a thank you. But what we did by winning that Italian Cup I understood a lot in the following months.” “I come from a culture of work – remembers Lulic – from poverty, from the war I experienced when I was a child. For me, to be surrounded by so much love today is equivalent to having won an important challenge, as a man and as a footballer.”

Lazio, Lulic remembers May 26: “After ten years it seems that time has not passed”

The anecdote of the eve: “The day before the match, while I was having a massage, I said to Romano Papola, one of the historic physiotherapists: “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it tomorrow”. During the celebrations, I hugged him on the lawn and said, “Did you see that? I thought so.” But it was just a joke.” The goal: “I’ve seen it many times, on TV and in my mind. In my role I always have to get into the box when the action is on the other side . Everything happened in an instant and instinctively I started running towards the bench. It was my turn, but it was the team that won. For a footballer there is nothing more beautiful than an evening like this.” About the number: “After that goal many people asked me to change my shirt number and dress 71, the minute of the goal. I said no because 19 has been my number forever.

Then because, by nature, I don’t make choices desired by others. And finally also out of respect for the defeated opponent. A respect that, to tell the truth, I didn’t feel reciprocated: on the bad days when I was suffering from the finger injury and I was in danger of losing it, I would see the “No Regrowth” banner imitating the slogan on TV. of the curve Lazio “There is no revenge”.

Klose: “That day Senad was the king of Rome. On May 26 I feel happy »

Miroslav too Close, still very close to Lazio and to Lulic himself, recalled that day in Argentini’s book also passing through the 2011 derby: “I arrived at Lazio in 2011 and immediately understood that the derby in the capital was a special derby . I remember that when we arrived Lazio had not won for two years. Then the game came, we won it and I scored the decisive goal at the end, and to see the joy of the fans both that day and the days after in training, where they rallied warmly around us, I he definitely made the importance of the derby clear. it was from the capital”. Then, in the approach to May 26: “I remember that the club sent us to retreat Norcia. We had been there before, so that place reminded us of bad times we had had on occasion. In those days we talked a lot, we joked, in short, we had fun and got even closer as a compact group.’ Finally, about the celebrations: “When the game ended it was fantastic. I immediately went to find Lulić and put him on my shoulders to carry him around the field and cheer him on from the fans in the stands and at the North Bend. That day he had become the king of rome. He was my roommate and most importantly a close friend that I am still with. Even today, when I look at the videos and photos of the celebrations, I feel emotion and I feel really happy.”

Source : IL Messaggero

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