Under-20 World Cup, Nigeria in the storm: defender Bameyi would have invented the name of his club

Who said defenders have no imagination? Daniel Bameyi has plenty to spare, despite his role at the back. If the story were to be confirmed, Nigeria’s under-20 player he will surely go down in history not only for his skills in the field but also for those in the authorial and creative sphere. In fact, the 17-year-old who also faced Italy may have made up his age and, incredibly, even his team name. In fact, it seems that the “Yum Yum FC” does not exist. Yum Yum is the name that Bameyi would have given to participate in the Under-20 World Cup that is currently being played in Argentina. After FIFA reported to the Nigerian Football Federation, the news hit social media. Many have searched for Yum Yum Football Club so far with no luck. In Nigeria, the website “Own Goal” has opened an investigation to better understand who is “hiding” behind the sketch provided by Daniel Bameyi himself. The latter impressed with his technical and tactical skills, especially those who saw him in action against the Azzurrini who lost 2-0 in the last match of the tournament.

Source : IL Messaggero

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