Roma transfer market, Pinto arrives in Portugal

Tiago Pinto he is expected in Portugal between today and tomorrow: he must close first Khomurodov in Cagliari and villa in Granada. In both cases we are in the details. And maybe even meet the agents of Dybala for the renewal and delete that termination clause that is still in force for a few days but which, however, is honestly less scary now. The manager wants to please Mourinho and give him that centre-forward that is requested but, above all, necessary because at the moment there is only Belotti. The situation chess he could be unlocked soon given that West Ham have put him in their sights origins of Milan (an agreement that could be closed between 8 and 10 million) and if he could close this solution he would be open to a loan with the right to purchase. Something that until now was not liked in those parts after the investment last summer. Watch out, though: the deal could also be closed with the obligation, linked to attendance or qualification for the next Champions League. In the end Reynolds: remains in Westerloo for 3.5 million plus 25% on future resale. We are here too.


Then there is the midfielder to think about and that “Buongiorno”. Sabitzer from a few days ago on Instagram did not lead to the market track: the Austrian from Bayern Munich will go to the Borussia Dortmund. But the track has been a bit cold for a couple of days, attention is being paid Renato Sanches of PSG: in Japan with Luis Enrique’s team apart Wijnaldum I walls, also joined by Roma, but excluded from the starting group and forced to train alone. By now the situation seems to be outlined, with the Portuguese from Mendes’ team as the main target. Yes, it stays Kamada in circulation, another free transfer shot, but the characteristics of the Japanese are not entirely convincing.

Source : IL Messaggero

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