Lazio, Cancellieri on display with the under-21s. But the exam as an Immobile deputy is postponed

In addition to being a moment to catch your breath, the national break for some players of the Lacius it will also be an opportunity to show off. Among these is, without a doubt, Matthew employees. The former Hellas player is Lazio’s most substituted player this year a league (17). It’s not exactly an eye-popping fact, and it certainly proves how much Sarri still considers him immature to take the field from 1′. In 28 season appearances (three as owner), the number 11 has failed to make a mark so far. In the meantime, he will try to do it with theItaly under 21but notwithstanding this, until the date of the attached examination Yet it cannot be said to have happened.

Lazio, for Sarri will have to return to the attacking market

A bet that unfortunately, despite the amount spent (more than 7 million), did not produce the expected results. Sarri likes Cancellieri’s potential, but at the moment it’s not enough. Therefore, the coach’s ideas are clear for the next market: at least one more experienced striker and, if necessary, also a full-back. In the meantime, however, Matteo will try to shine under the orders of Nicholas in the 3-5-2 of Italy u 21, although according to rumors he should not start today (18.00) against Serbia. Making the difference with the Azzurrini could be the right injection of confidence before the final rush for the champions and perhaps the three goals scored in the last three games in November will bode well.

Park by Felice Pulici

Meanwhile, for the park that bears the name Lenzini in the Val Cannuta area and the one that comes through Wilson in the pond of Tor di Quinto, yesterday the motion was approved to dedicate another one to Felice Clean them up. It was Carlo who announced it Matíaspresident of the Security and Legality Commission of the City Council XIII to Lazio’s official microphones: “The motion relating to the naming of a park a cellulose street to Felice Pulici. The family was present at the event, along with their former companions, including Giancarlo odd, and other personalities of the biancoceleste history. Pulici was an inhabitant of the area, as were president Umberto Lenzini and many other biancocelesti footballers of the time, who gravitated between the Aurelia and Boccea areas. The former Lazio goalkeeper and coach was a great footballer, but also a great man. A champion in the field and in life.”

Source : IL Messaggero

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