Lazio, two returns and Luis Alberto unleashed. Gila of Spain’s under-21 withdrawal: “We are waiting for the Champions League”

Double session in the file for the Lacius. As always happens with Sarri, team divided by departments in the morning for tactical work and then assembled in the afternoon into a single group. Compared to the last few days, the coach has found both farmhouse this prove itbut it hasn’t been seen yet patrick, not the best with the back. Even the third goalkeeper is still down Adamoniswhile Luis Alberto he was only seen in the afternoon with a hat-trick in a practice match. The last practice of the week will be tomorrow morning, but it is not yet scheduled Yet to the group, which in the meantime continues with the rehabilitation phase after the injury.

Lazio, Gila’s words

Meanwhile directly from the withdrawal of the Spain U21 biancoceleste central defender Mario spoke Gila. This is how he expressed himself in Lazio on the microphones of Ok Diary: “I’m adapting well. I am very happy. I have to say it was difficult to find playing time, but I know the quality of the team and I know what they are capable of. I’m learning a lot, especially in the defensive phase and knowing what it’s like in a high-level group. I am very happy with everything I do, with every minute the coach gives me. We are working well and are second in the standings. We are doing well in the league and hopefully next year we will be there Champions League to make this small leap in quality”.

Source : IL Messaggero

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