OPINION | Offering unlimited possibilities for customization, tailor-made development has won over many companies. Although its cost is not negligible, it is proving to be a valuable tool synonymous with growth since it allows the development of perfectly adapted solutions to enhance products and services.

When you want to endow your activity with a website, it can be tempting to turn to turnkey solutions, apparently more affordable and easy to access. However, if you want to stand out by its uniqueness or when its activity requires more than a showcase site, a tailor-made solution is often the most suitable option. If the creation of this type of platform is initially longer and more expensive, they are generally more profitable in the long term. Indeed, tailor-made solutions are real tools that can facilitate the operation of a company on many levels.

A particularly relevant option for complex businesses

By developing a tailor-made solution, the idea is to create a unique support designed for a given product or service rather than trying to adapt an existing product from a catalog. For example, predefined website templates appear more accessible at first glance but offer relatively little leeway in terms of customization and functionality. Certain products or services require the creation of specific tools which turn out to be complex to integrate into an already existing model.

The tailor-made solution makes it possible to obtain a simple but optimal configuration for reply to the needs of each client. It is also easier to then train the users of the site to use this tool developed for them down to the smallest details and adapted to their uses. Ultimately, the use turns out to be easier and generating more performance.

The tailor-made creation also allows a control of the process from A to Z. It is not a tool that is purchased and for which you pay a subscription. “For a business use which is at the heart of a company, it is essential to be able to maintain control over its tools. It becomes valuable in the company ”, underlines Cédric Bidet, founder of Web^ID, an agency specializing in the tailor-made development of web and mobile platforms. This also applies to the management of data, and in particular their protection. An issue that today occupies a central place with an announced increase in controls in 2021 by the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (CNIL).

Personalized support for a solution with optimal efficiency

When you call on a web agency to develop a tailor-made solution, you benefit from a multitude of valuable expertise necessary for its design. The first step for these professionals is to immerse themselves in the client’s business to understand how it works, the ins and outs. This is then the guarantee of having a perfect website adapted to his needs. A more technical phase follows. It begins with an inventory of the tools already in place in order to understand the functioning of the technical environment.

Once the main lines have been defined, the project is divided into different stages to avoid an undesirable tunnel effect. It is customary to have tools tested as they are developed to ensure that they are correct. in line with customer expectations. This allows you to adjust the iterations to be sure that the development is the one that is best suited to your needs. A first version is then tested and is then brought to evolve according to the customer’s feedback. Finally, a general test phase is organized before deployment but is relatively short as the tool is tested throughout its development.

An initial investment that allows you to be more competitive in the long term

When we think of the development of tailor-made platforms, we tend to imagine that prices are soaring. An idea that seems to stem more from prejudice than reality. Indeed, the development cost for this type of product is not insignificant. This also implies a part of reflection which takes time and it is also necessary to anticipate the maintenance of the site or the application. But for a business that needs tools to make your profession and know-how more reliable, this can reduce human costs, supervise production and above all potentially go much further than what we could do without a platform.

Integrating an internal development strategy, even when this is not its core business, can then constitute a interesting growth lever. This allows, for example, to distance the competition by always being one step ahead from a customer journey point of view or even production management.

For his client Pollen, a responsible food delivery service by tricycle, theagence Web^ID has created a platform that allows you to compose your menu according to specific rules and have it delivered at certain times. But beyond the purchase route, this platform also offers the possibility of managing the routes of the scooters according to the different delivery points. Also, the back office is directly accessible in the kitchen and is used to track orders to allow inventory monitoring and day-to-day follow-up.

This platform has become a central tool for the company, beyond the website, revealing thehuge field of possibilities possible when you decide to opt for the creation of a tailor-made platform.

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